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Blog Launch and Topic Anouncement

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Blog Launch

Hello Folks,

so today I - finally - launched this blog. First I was going to code it on my own, just for practice, but maintaining a blog system isn’t something I want to spend my time with. Instead I was looking for a solid solution, which fits my needs, and is not auto-hackable as WordPress.

So, first: sorry for my poor english, I am not a native. And then: I am going to write about general topics about development in many ways, because I feel I can someone tell things, I had to discover on my own.

Upcomming topics

Writing about nothing, is not my aim, so here are the core topics for the next time:

  • How to evolve from a script developper to enterprise level with Java
  • How to start through with microservices using Spring Cloud and NetflixOSS
  • Something else I want to tell the world :)

More information

More information about who I am, the recent posts I am going to publish later in pages or blog posts.