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Hello 2018!

I had a long break since my last article. So it’s time to say hello here and announce some little things.

Blog modernization

I was thinking of migrating to Hugo for some while, but end up with staying on octopress. The main reason is that I actually don’t want a big change on how my blog looks and feels. Especially I’m interested in all the paths, which are already deep inside Google’s index.

The main feature is, that I learned to use the <!-- more --> separator, which makes my new index page doesn’t look like a mile of full blog articles one after each other. A bit of coloring, a new About Me page and some automation for my blog deploy process. Everything bundled in a little repo :)

Upcoming topics

Here is the roadmap of topics I’m going to cover in my upcoming articles.

  • Tutorial: Deploy HA Kubernetes cluster on bare-metal with Rancher - the story of my 300$ Cluster with bunch of resources
  • JHipster + RabbitMQ + Kubernetes - How to use JHipster to stream data over RabbitMQ and operate deployments on Kubernetes
  • Bitflow4J on Kubernetes: self-healing pipeline for Kubernetes clusters

Feel free to suggest topics in the comments section :)